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Valid until: 01/02/2020

Please check on booking if you can bring spectators.

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For anyone who enjoys being in the water and exploring the world beneath the waves, the idea of doing so without the trappings of breathing apparatus is the ultimate goal. Freediving provides the opportunity to do so for those who have mastered the art of holding their breath while investigating what lies beneath the surface of the sea.

Originating from traditional techniques used for collecting sponges, fishing, pearl diving and reclamation, free diving dates back as far as Ancient Greece. Today, freediving is a chance to eschew the technology that makes it possible to breathe underwater, relying instead on the human body’s capacity for adapting to its environment and withstanding the forces of nature for moments at a time.

This experience starts with a warm welcome from a trained instructor who will introduce themselves before fitting the diver with their mask and fins and ensuring that they are comfortable.

Then, it’s time to begin the underwater adventure and the instructor will encourage participants to get comfortable in the water as they learn how to control their breathing. Being able to relax in underwater surroundings and focus on the techniques will enable divers to hold their breath for longer.

The instructors will talk participants through the science of freediving, explaining how the body uses oxygen and the best way to preserve it when under the water. This freediving experience is a great introduction to this fun and fascinating sport and can provide an ideal foundation for those who want to go on to learn scuba diving.

Key Information

When can you go?

This experience is available on Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings, throughout the year subject to availability.

How long does this activity last?

Your experience will last between 1 ½ - 2 hours.

You need to know

The minimum age is 12 years old.

You will need to have general fitness. This experience is not suitable if you suffer from chronic asthma or for those with heart conditions. If in doubt please consult your doctor. You will be required to complete a self-assessment health questionaire.

You need to be a confident swimmer to participate.

This is for a voucher entitling the holder to any of the activities supplied by Activity Superstore up to the value stated.

You and how many others?

This experience is for two people, there will be other people there on the day.

Family and friends

Please check on booking if you can bring spectators.